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Desert Heat

Our book club had the opportunity and privilege to meet and have a lively discussion of "Desert Heat" with Dannie Marsden...a great story with strong...

Dannie Marsden's book Desert Heat

I am waiting for the next book to come out! The story was a page turner and I also enjoyed the portrayal of a variety of lesbians and how we interact...


Wow! Such a good story.I enjoyed it so much.I think what got me the most was that I don`t think most people would give a second thought to what kind...

Desert Heat

I know Dannie and was excited to hear she had written a book. When I first started to read Desert Heat, I did so with a critical eye because it was...

Great People!

Just wanted to share with you that the owners of this site are awesome! Sign up for the newsletters and be sure to refer your friends and the...

L as in Love Book Two by Ruth Gogoll

May contain spoilers if you haven't read book one.

This book continues where book one left off and is mainly focused on the lives of Carolin and Rebekka.

Carolin is still in her long distance relationship with Ina. But there are things about Ina that Carolin will find out when she takes an unexpected trip to Kassel to visit Ina. What will Carolin find? Will it be the end of their relationship?

Sabrina and Chris have separated. Sabrina is living with Anna. She is terribly unhappy. Will Sabrina stay with Anna or go back to Chris?

Rebekka can't have the love she desires. She has an arrangement with Svenja. A friends with benefits arrangement. But is this enough? Svenja wants more, but certainly not out of love for Rebekka. Will Rebekka give in?

Rick helps Anita out after her affair with Marlene ends. They begin a mutual relationship even though neither of them loves the other. Rick is still carrying a torch for Melly. What will become of them?

Chris is still devastated by the end of her relationship with Sabrina. But how does Ina suddenly come in between Chris and Sabrina?

Melly's sister, Silvia arrives on the scene to see Melly after a ten year absence. How does she know Marlene?

What happens when Anita and Anna meet again at a book fair?

Will Rebekka's mother be successful in playing matchmaker between Carolin and Rebekka? What will happen when Carolin finds out the truth of who Rebekka really is?

These two books are a brilliant start to a promising new series. Book one doesn't quite conclude, therefore it is essential to have book two ready to read. I am really looking forward to reading further books in this lovely series. I feel that I know these characters personally, I got totally lost in the story and both books had ended before I knew it. I'm really looking forward to book three in this series. It's a real pleasure to read of the ups and downs of every day life with the surprises that crop up for these friends along the way.

These books are well written and the characters are just like a group of friends that any of us may have. This is what made these books so real for me. This could be a group of friends and the stories of their lives in the town any of us live in. As always with Ruth's books, they are expertly translated from German.

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